what can help to get pregnant-Fertile Foods to help you Get Pregnant

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what can help to get pregnant.

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If you’re looking for the 3 most nutrient rich foods to help you get pregnant, this video is for you.

Marc: Hi I’m Marc Sklar The Fertility Expert and today I’m here with Amy Pamensky our nutritionist and we’re going to talk about 3 of the most nutrient dense rich foods that are not only delicious but awesome for your body. So Amy you and I have talked about food somewhat regularly but everyone out there is not familiar with that. So today I want to hit on 3 key foods and the first one is one that most people either probably don’t like or haven’t tried and don’t speak about much, its liver. So can you tell everybody out there a little why liver is so beneficial?

Amy: Sure yeah, so most people don’t get liver in their diets but I’m going to tell you why it’s such an important food to have in your diet. So when we talk about liver, we’re talking about liver from grass fed animals; so good quality liver so that it doesn’t have additional toxins in it. The liver is an organ that actually filters out toxins and you want to make sure you’re getting liver from a healthy animal. Now liver is really, really nutrient dense; it’s got tons of vitamin A, B vitamins and iron. And so even just a little bit of liver goes a long way. So we’re not asking you to eat it every day but even just once a week but just having some liver is a great thing to add to your diet for fertility and also to get some nutrients in as well.

Amy: Sure so avocado and coconut oil are two really healthy fats as Marc mentioned; definitely important for hormone balancing, also important for brain health and for absorbing all of your fat soluble vitamins. So there are lots of important reasons. They are also anti-inflammatory. How do we incorporate them into our diets? One way that you might not have thought of to incorporate avocado into your diet is actually putting some avocado in your smoothie. Now most people haven’t tried that before but it actually gives it kind of a creamy consistency, almost like what Greek yogurt would do but with avocado. So that’s a nice way to add it in. I usually cook with coconut oil; it really depends on the flavor profile of the food that you’re eating. So it just takes a little bit of time getting use to what foods taste good with coconut oil but most of my veggies I cook in coconut oil. I also use coconut oil and you can add it to smoothies as well or coconut butter is a great one that you can add to smoothies too.

Marc: Awesome, hopefully that is helpful for all of you. And then the last nutrient dense food we’ll like to mention and we have a separate video also about this specific item is ‘Bone Broth’; also a very nutrient dense traditional, culturally traditionally food. Can you tell everybody a little bit about Bone Broth?

Fertile Foods to help you Get Pregnant
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